AI/ML/Deep Learning

How Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning differ from each other?

The difference between AI, ML, and Deep Learning is given in the below table:

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Deep Learning
The term Artificial intelligence was first coined in the year 1956 by John McCarthy . The term ML was first coined in the year 1959 by Arthur Samuel . The term DL was first coined in the year 2000 Igor Aizenberg .
It is a technology that is used to create intelligent machines that can mimic human behavior. It is a subset of AI that learns from past data and experiences. It is the subset of machine learning and AI that is inspired by the human brain cells, called neurons, and imitates the working of the human brain.
AI completely deals with structured, semi-structured data. ML deals with structured and semi-structured data. Deep learning deals with structured and unstructured data.
It requires a huge amount of data to work. It can work with less amount of data compared to deep learning and AI. It requires a huge amount of the data compared to the ML.
The goal of AI is to enable the machine to think without any human intervention. The goal of ML is to enable the machine to learn from past experiences. The goal of deep learning is to solve the complex problems as the human brain does, using various algorithms.



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