C++ Programming in Hindi

This Great Learning C++ Tutorial For Beginners in Hindi video will help you understand C++ Basics and also core concepts that are needed for you to master C++ and also help you make a career in this domain.


What is class in c++?


What is c++? Can some one explain ?


What is virtual function in c++?

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What is constructor in c++?

What is inheritance in c++?

What is inline function in c++?

How to find length of string in c++?


What is namespace in c++?

How to input string in c++?

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what is object in c++?

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What is operator overloading in c++?

How to find length of array in c++?

What is friend function in c++?

What is abstract class in c++?

What is using namespace std in c++?

what is difference between c and c++?

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How to convert int to string in c++?

C language is not an object oriented programming language, so it is a constant attempt of C++ to introduce OOPs. Class is a user defined data type which defines a blueprint of data type in C++. For eg,

class Circle{

float radius;

As an extension of the C language is C++ which was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as a general purpose cross-platform language which gives programmers a high level of control over system resources and memory.