Certificates are not getting generated

Hello Team,
Certificates are not getting generated even after completion of quiz.
Status of certificate says: “certificate pending”.

This is not the issue with single user, its with everyone who have completed the quiz…
All are facing the same issues.

I request the Team to kindly look into the issue and provide resolution for it ASAP.
If the issue is not fixed soon it may indirectly have impact on this platform.


My certificate isn’t generating inspite of completing the course and assessment

Dear Gourav,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your interest.

Please check if you have filled the “Claim your course certificate” Survey in the course and scored a passing mark in the quiz, and later, check the certificate in the certificate section.

Click the link to access the certificate: - https://olympus.greatlearning.in/certificates.

If you’re still facing an issue accessing the certificate, can you please write to us at academy@greatlearning.in.

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