Computer Vision Essentials

Computer vision (CV) is a set of techniques that are used to help machines to “see” and comprehend what is contained in digital imagery such as photos and videos. It has varied applications such as in medical imaging, motion capture, surveillance, automating retail checkouts, and in optical character recognition. This course starts with the basic steps of digitizing images, sampling them and compressing them (quantization). It then covers various methods to work with images including classification, identification, detection, etc.


Where can we learn all the basics for computer vision related to AI?Is OpenCV the only thing or are there any alternatives?If yes then how to go about it & if no then how to go about other options ? Any resources?

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Computer vision related to AI starts with convolution neural network.
Opencv, pillow libraries are used for processing image type data.They dont perform AI based models on image data.

For detailed information you can take up the free course from GL academy:-


how to get rid of this kind of problam ,instead of tensor flow is installed ,can you help in this matter

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Am interested in this topic computer version, kindly shed more light on the same

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Yes, you use SimpleCV and GluonCV but GluonCV is only work in mxnet framework.