Financial Risk Analytics

The financial services industry is increasingly utilizing data and information to help drive decision-making and to help assess and manage risk. This course provides an introduction to Financial Risk Analytics and will help you understand how to assess credit risk, how to model credit risk and also look at methods of optimizing risk.

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How can I join this course


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I want to join this course.
Please send the details @

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We have dropped you a mail. Please check.

This message is for great learning team. I think you should organize an online meeting with
Dr Abhinanda sarkar on webex or any other platform because in this global pandemic students are more friendly with online meeting . Although I have tell my own experience but if I said anything wrong I am sorry about that.

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Great learning is a great platform for those who wants to learn new skills and invest their time in something productive, not with immediate results but for upcoming competitive future skill requirements…
I wish if great learning could provide more intermediate courses or advanced courses in free section if possible.

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In this question instead of “product” shouldn’t it be “project”?

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i want to learn this course

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Steps on how to complete a course and receive the certificate

  1. Watch all the videos in the course completely to unlock Quiz/ Assignments/Practice exercise
  2. Score passing marks in the quiz/quizzes and submit the assignment/exercise (it is there in a course)
  3. Claim your course certificate to get the certificate.

I have completed one-course financial risk analytics but I did not get the certificate still I submitted all the assignment given in the course

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The certificate has been added to your dashboard.

Please click on the link below to view your certificates

What are the requirements should student have for Financial risk analysis course

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Financial Risk Analytics course is a beginner-level course, you can enroll in the course if you are new to the subject matter.

You can browse through the course details here :

Dear sir I am not getting this I completed but I won’t show quiz please

In learning lecture 5, Sir used a package DMwR to use SMOTE, but RStudio have discontinued the use of DMwR in their recent updates. I wanted to ask the alternative way as I am not able to find the alternative way to complete the analysis.

Thank you