Introduction to Full Stack Development

Please evaluate the assignments. I uploaded them way before but was not evaluated. So, I uploaded them again.

I have completed my all assignments in HTML 5, kindly evaluate them so that I can go further to learn CSS as well.

The HTML 5 was completed on 14th Sept. only.

Sir,i have submitted all the assignment but my css session stil locked.i have enrolled in full stack development course.

same problem with me.

Sir, how much time would it take to evaluate the assignment?

hello sir,
I submitted my some of the assignments on July… but it still not approved… it is still showing pending… please approve my assignments.

I don’t understand yrr plzz help… Where r live lectures & videos n other information

Hello Learner,

This is to inform you that the practice assignments are self- evaluatory. You need not submit them online and we suggest you practice them offline. Once you will complete all the course videos, the quiz will get unlocked. If you are still facing any issue please drop a mail to mentioning the course name.

Hi Learner,
Thank you for reaching out to us.
You can browse through all our courses here:
You can browse through all live sessions :

For the assignments, it shows evaluation pending. What about it?

respected sir/ma’am,
It is a long time since I have submitted my assignment but they are not being checked.
I request you to please check it out.

anjani garg
course:-introduction to full stack development

but for the assignments it is showing evaluation pending… and if it would not approved will i can go the the next part of the course which is css and unlocked now?

sir can you provide notes for both html and CSS please provide that we can also understand theory part of this course

did this course help to you?

can anyone help for anchor tag assignment i am unable to understand it please can anyone help with following steps

yes its is very useful but if we can get notes of it will help us

Dear Learner,

Please drop a mail to mentioning the course name

Hi Learner,
Please watch all the videos in the course to unlock the next module and certificate
Shared the screenshot for reference!

Hello Learner,
We do not provide notes but you can watch the videos in the course anytime

For the final assignment, it has been told to include the font-awesome icons by pasting the html. But when I included those, the icons are not shown, instead a binary code in a square box is shown, What could be done?