Java Programming in Hindi

The Java Programming course is ideal for beginners like you drawn towards programming and software design. The course will cover all aspect of Java programming language in great clarity and granularity.

You will begin with the basics, starting with the installation of the required software. You will learn topics like “What is Java?”, Variables, Operators, etc. to get a very good understanding of the fundamentals of Java. Next, you will be introduced to Arrays, Functions, Classes and Objects and will be covered in-depth to ensure you have the must-have skills required to succeed. The course will also cover most used and handy software practices that are used in the industry such as Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Inheritance and Collections in Java.


sir extends and implement vaale topic main salary print nhi ho rhi hai


Hi I need to learn java what should i do


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hello sir method over loading me problem ho rahi he

e code he

public class manek {

public static void main(String[] args) {
	int l=10;
	int w=50;
	float r=2.5f;
	int rectangle_area=area(10,50);
	float circle_area=area(r);
	System.out.println("area of rectangle"+rectangle_area);
	System.out.println("area of circle"+circle_area);

public static int area(int n1,int n2) {
	int result=n1*n2;
public static float area(float n) {
	float result= 3.14*n*n;
	return result;


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sir notes ki pdf mil skti hai kya