Java Programming

The Java Programming course is ideal for beginners like you drawn towards programming and software design. The course will cover all aspect of Java programming language in great clarity and granularity.

You will begin with the basics, starting with the installation of the required software. You will learn topics like “What is Java?”, Variables, Operators, etc. to get a very good understanding of the fundamentals of Java. Next, you will be introduced to Arrays, Functions, Classes and Objects and will be covered in-depth to ensure you have the must-have skills required to succeed. The course will also cover most used and handy software practices that are used in the industry such as Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Inheritance and Collections in Java.


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What does public static void mean in Java?


Three completely different parts are there

Public stands for: the method is visible and can be called from other objects of other types. Other alternatives are private, protected, package and package-private.

Static: The method is associated with the class, not a specific instance (object) of that class. This means that you can call a static method without creating an object of the class.

Void: The method has no return value. If the method returned an int you would write int instead of void.

The combination of all three of these is most commonly seen on the main method which most tutorials will include.

Sir I want to do again the JAVA course

Sir I have a query java is not pure object oriented programming language as it doesn’t support operator overloading and multiple inheritance then why in lectures they are saying its pure OOL???

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1.Watch all the videos in the course completely to unlock Quiz/ Assignments/Practice exercise
2. Score passing marks in the quiz/quizzes and submit the assignment/exercise (it is there in a course)
3. Claim your course certificate to get the certificate.

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What is Java programming all about??

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Please drop a mail to mentioning the course name.

Public static void main…is the main method of java … execution is strt from main method.

I am student who had enrolled for your courses which has been completed .After this i switched to download my certificate through mozilla firefox browser ,the certificate was not showing up ,i tried refreshing the page but that to did not work ,then i tried it in chrome browser and was able to download the certificate.Now my question is, why the same is not happening with mozilla browser which i use , is this fixable or when i complete my courses through mozilla i should switch to chrome just to download the certificate !!!

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