Not received certificate

I have completed the conflict management course.
I.e free and I havnt received any certificates.


you have to see the videos of DSBA promotional videos then complete the quiz and then you can go to certification.

Hope you have completed all the lectures very well.
Do make shortnotes wherever possible.
Before getting a certificate you have to pass the quiz (passing score is 60%).
Once you qualify the Quiz, then go through a 7 question review and after submitting this you will surely receive your certificate.
Have a great day with the Great Learning Academy.

I have completed customer relationship management course. But the certificate is not showing.

Dear Manas,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your interest.

Please check if you have filled the “Claim your course certificate” Survey in the course and scored a passing mark in the quiz, and later, check the certificate in the certificate section.

Click the link to access the certificate: -

If you’re still facing an issue accessing the certificate, can you please write to us at

sir not recieved certificate

Dear Learner,

Can you please write to us at mentioning the course name?

Complete my chi square course but not received with my certification , so kindly accept my query and send my certificate as soon as possible