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Why is there no do while loop in python?

What is the difference between Python’s list methods append and extend?

There is no do while loop present in python because there is no proper way to define the loop. do…while statement has been rejected because it doesn’t fit in the general format of indented block statement: indented block used by every other Python compound statement.
while True:


if not condition:

Append():This function is used to add new element at the end of the list and increases the length of the list by one.
a= [1,2,3]
print (a)

Extend(): Extend() function appends the elements from iterables at the end of the list. It increases the list by the number of elements present in that iterable argument.
a = [11, 12, 13]
print (a)

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class MyEmployee:
def init(self,_fname,_lname):
def Display(self):
return self.Fname,self.Lname,self.Email

class Enginners(MyEmployee):

** and == In python you use == to indicate if it is equal to something but if you use = then it will create a variable and if you use ** a power of b
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Mr. Toby jain List is mutable(can be edited , can be extended),
while tuple cant be extended or appended.
we can address tuple as a fixed list

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If you append a list of elements into a new list then it will be appended as single value for example
l = [1,2,3] is your list you want to append a new list l1 = [4,5,6] then it gives list l as [1,2,3,[4,5,6]] the length of the list will be 4. Whereas by using extend l = [1,2,3] and l1 = [4,5,6] extend gives l = [1,2,3,4,5,6] hence length is 6.This is the difference between methods append and extend. I hope this is helpful.

Tuple has this bracket () while list has this []

Is both python for machine learning in english and hindi are same, as i see that some videos from English course are not available in hindi course

list is mutable datatype
where as tuple is immutable data type

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How can I reverse a list in python without reverse function?

We can using slicing to achieve this task.Here is a simple example



Now here y is the list which contains all the items of list x but in reverse order.


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