Python Programming in Hindi

You have wrongly assigned the value to the key.You should use “ : ” instead of “=”.
ages = {‘barney’:82,}

Is there any shortcut to increment in python.I am using ++ as in use in C, but it is not working?

I am getting this error message in Python NameError: name ‘animal’ is not defined.Here is the code:
s = animal()
Class animal:
def out():
print(“Here is an animal”)

I have a trouble in PyCharm during running my script with Selenium WebDriver:from selenium import webdriver
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘selenium’
I have checked that selenium was installed:

How to remove an element from a list in python ?

I am new at programming and started off with Python.I am getting this error “ indexerror: tuple index out of range ” and i can’t figure out why I am getting this error.




You are using tuple to store the items and index od tuples or any other such data type in python starts from zero.So there are two elements in your tuple,one at index 0 and other at index 1 and when you are trying to access index2, there is nothing there, so this raises an error.

You can use remove function() to remove an element that you specify in parentheses,here is an example

friends list

friends = [‘joey’, ‘monica’, ‘racheal’, ‘ross’,’chandler’,’phoebe’]

‘ross’ is removed


You can use python -m pip install selenium in Python36 folder(or whatever version you are using at the time) and then try in PyCharm by selecting the corresponding interpreter in settings or else use PyCharm to do the installation by itself.

You need to define the class before you use it.Here is how :
Class animal:
def out():
print(“Here is an animal”)
s = animal()

Python does not support increment operators such as ++ or --.But here is a shorter way to achieve this.

For increamen use : x +=1

How to install Matplotlib?

To install the Matplotlib library, you need to open the Anaconda prompt.
Use the command : conda install matplotlib
Or if you want to install Matplotlib in the Anaconda environment then use this command
pip install matplotlib
Then import the package import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

the website you provide is not installing the anaconda now how can we download it

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I am facing this issue ,Can someone help me with this ? Python error: string index out of range python

What does %s mean in Python? And what does the following bit of code do?
%s is used to format the string syntax and it was taken from C.

how to convert a pandas dataframe into a NumPy array.

I am getting an error when importing pytorch.I have already installed pytorch using anaconda.Here is the error:modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘torch’

import torch

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘torch’

I am getting an error after all the elements are printed when i run my python script:”list index out of range in python”:here is the code

list1 = [‘Apple’, ‘Banana’, ‘Orange’]
while i <= len(list1):
i += 1