Python Programming in Hindi

How to convert string to JSON using Python?

How to display column names of Pandas Dataframe?

What is inplace in python and how does it affect my data it?Here is my code where I am using it.

df.dropna( inplace=True)

I have been getting this error: Unexpected indent in python? I have used indentation but till I am getting this error.

How to change directory in python?

What is the difference between sort() and sorted() methods in python?

You can use os module to do so,here is an example to change directory to a certain path.


The path should be passed as a string,more preferably a raw string.

When you set inplace as True,the data in your case df is changed, we can say that it permanently changed your dataframe df.
On the other hand when you use inplace=False,the change does not occur in the original data df.Instead it performs the operation and returns a copy of the object, so you’d use:


Now your original data is unchanged.Sometimes you want the copy of your original dataframe and it can be useful then.

Here is how we can convert string to JSON using Python

import json

s = ‘{“success”: “true”, “status”: 200, “message”: “Hello”}’

d = json.loads(s)

print (d[“success”], d[“status”])

For a dataframe df, the below code to display the column names:


The sort() method modifies the list it is called on whereas, sorted() method creates a new list containing a sorted version of the list it is given and will not modify the list passed as a parameter.
If you want to sort a list but still have the original unsorted version, then you would use the sorted() method. If maintaining the original order of the list is unimportant, then you can call the sort() method on the list.

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Hello guys ,I was wondering how I can do sorting in python without sort function?

I am getting a “modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘crypto’” error when i run this line

from Crypto.Cipher import AES

But I successfully installed the crypto module using pip.