Python Programming in Hindi

When I open my Jupyter Notebook inside the condo environment it is showing me the below error.

Error executing Jupyter command ‘notebook’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Help ,How can I solve this error?


This means the file is not encoded in utf-8 format which is taken as default by read_csv method.So we need to find the encoding of this file which we ll do by using the chardet library.
import chardet
import pandas as pd
with open(‘filename.csv’, ‘rb’) as f:
result = chardet.detect( # or readline if the file is large
pd.read_csv(‘filename.csv’, encoding=result[‘encoding’])

Like C , Python also uses string formatting to create new, formatted strings. The “%” operator is used to format a set of variables enclosed in a “tuple” (a fixed size list), together with a format string, which contains normal text together with “argument specifiers”, special symbols like “%s” and “%d”.Here is an example

name = ‘Hussain’

age = 26

print (’%s %d’ % (name, age))

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If you are using pip to install it, then the module name is different in this case,try using the command below:

pip install SpeechRecognition

There may be some error in installation part,try reinstalling jupyter into the environment using this code:

pip install jupyter

Same condition for me …but I solve

Dear Respected Sir,
if i completed this python courses with full struggle so can you give me certificate of Python programming course…

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They’ll give u a certificate only if u successfully complete a particular course n pass it’s test…which is at the end of each course!

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Hi Learner,
Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your interest.
Steps on how to complete a course and receive the certificate

  1. Watch all the videos in the course completely to unlock Quiz/ Assignm ents/Practice exercise
  2. Score passing marks in the quiz/quizzes and submit the assignment/exercise (it is there in a course)
  3. Claim your course certificate to get the certificate.

Mam, before i was very busy in 1st year classes also holiday can you give me lecture and i want to get a certificate and i some see email message if you are ready give me lecture so contact me on Whatsapp(+92 3458708509) or send email but i see some emails message.

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Hello, i have completed the live course with the test and have passing marks , its saying certificate will be generated in 24hrs and its been 24 hrs but still not received yet .

Dear Learner,

Please drop a mail to mentioning the course name.

can someone shown certificate copy, who completed

My Certificate showing old name of my profile . how can I update name in certificate of this course.

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If you want to know more about ML please visit :

the app is realy learn phython in free please tell me

Dear Learner,

Please drop a mail to mentioning the course name and the name to be updated on the certificate.

Most programming languages permit indentation, but don’t enforce it. Python enforces it with an iron fist, it has caused confusion for many beginners. The error expected an indented block is probably caused by a mix of tabs and spaces and this can lead to some confusing errors. Putting in an extra space or leaving one out where it is needed will surely generate an error message . Some common causes of this error include:

  • Forgetting to indent the statements within a compound statement.
  • Forgetting to indent the statements of a user-defined function.

The indentation can be any consistent white space . It is recommended to use 4 spaces for indentation in Python, tabulation or a different number of spaces may work, but it is also known to cause trouble at times. Most editors have an option for automatically converting tabs to spaces. If your editor has this option, turn it on.