Referrals and Rewards Is A Trap?


So few days back I got to know about the referrals and rewards feature of the great learning academy. All I saw on website was that I’m having a referral code that I need to share with my friends and all they need to do is sign up using that referral link. I did that, but I didn’t received any coin, then I contacted to [] and then I got to know that my referrals need to enroll in at least in one course also, only then I’ll get the coins. Alright, then I shared the link to my friends and they enrolled in the courses. I received 5100 coins and then I claimed for the premium course using 5000 coins. Till here everything was fine. After this when I contacted for the procedures to enroll in premium course using GL COIN, he / she replied that I’m using fake emails for signup. Like really ? I want to know how did he / she judged that the emails used for signup are fake ? They are either Personal Gmail of my friends or they have used college email id that’s ending with so how’s this fake ? Do you even know what’s the meaning of fake account ? Let me do that for you.

  • : " fake profile is the representation of a person, organization or company that does not truly exist, on social media. Often these accounts use names and identities that not only look real but are designed to get closer access to specific people and their target audience"

Now this is the meaning of fake account, and all accounts used for the sign up are either email provided by college or personal Gmail.

Yeah I agree some of my friends have used their 2…3 different email for different sign-up but it’s not mentioned anywhere on the GL Academy’s website, neither in privacy policy neither in terms of service that an user cannot use his different emails for different sign-up, or what are the condition for sign up or who should sign up, how they should sign up, but I got reply from [] that I have used fake emails and it’s against GL Academy’s policy not only this, [] disrespected me by wrongly spelling my name. Now Where’s that policy which I’m going against, show me please. If I’m wrong show me where and how I’m wrong or else they should grant the premium course to me. It’s not easy to bring 25 referrals, I’ve worked hard to get this and I deserve to get.

Those who are reading this, I hope you will take right decision
So what do you say ?
is this referrals and rewards a trap, fake thing or they are right and doing good.
I’m leaving this to you guys because GL Academy is not responding to mails.


Dear Learner,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We will look into the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you Devika,
I’ve received the reply from and the issue is resolved now. I’ve received the premium course reward and I’m satisfied with resolution. Really appreciate your quick response and that you all are continuously working in improving the user experience. Btw, the quality of content that’s provided in the free courses are really very good, hope I’ll have same experience with the premium course too. Great Learning Academy is really doing good, just need to work more in improving the user experience.

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Hi Devika,

I have Reedemed my 500 GL coins(earned by referral and course complition) to enroll premium course but not recieved any updated mail regarding and coins were debited from account even before selecting the course and received a pop-up saying “you’re course will be added to dashboard within 24hrs and you’ll receive a conformaton mail.”

As of now I have not received any mail or any update regarding the premium course, can you please look at my issue?

Ravi Kumar Koduru