Statistical Methods for Decision Making

All of us in our day-to-day life use numbers in our calculations. Organizations today are inundated with numerical data and information. In business, it is essential for managers to carry out data analysis and be able to interpret their results for effective decision-making. For this, they need to prepare quantitative arguments to justify their decisions. The Statistical Methods for Decision Making (SMDM) course teaches you how to use statistics to help take a real-world problem and apply various techniques to make effective business decisions.


I couldn’t agree more. I found this course to be quite useful. Many thanks to Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar. I enjoyed your style of teaching.

It is great to receive your feedback.

Dear Great Learning families

 I was enrolled Statistical Methods for Decision Making (SMDM) free course and learned (completed) all the videos including the resources. But, I can't access the following:-

   1, LM2: practice assessments &

   2, claim your certificate.

Therefore, could you please explain why I can’t access these ending parts. I really appreciate you learning method Dr. Thanks.

   Thanking you in advance!

Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate your interest .Please check if you have watched all the videos completely (till the tick mark comes) in the course or not. The quiz will only unlock once you watches all the videos in the course.

Dear Devica
Thank you for your response, I checked it again and it shows that I watched all the videos completely. All items have green ticked sign. But, the quiz part still not coming.
What do you recommend me sir.

Hello Learner,
Can you please write to us at
We will look into this matter for you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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What happened to the course which was being taught by Prof P K Viswanathan- Statistical Method for Decision Making?

Dear Learner,

We have updated the content of the course with new and better content. Please complete this course with new content and get the certificate.