Statistics for Machine Learning

An understanding of basic statistical concepts provides a strong foundation for further learning in the fields of data analysis, data science and even some areas of machine learning. This course covers the basics of descriptive statistics, and teaches you more advanced concepts such as hypothesis testing and Bayes’ theorem. The course also explains in a simple manner the various kinds of statistical distributions and how to apply them to business problems.


When I joined this course there were Hypothesis testing but now it’s not showing.

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When I have joined this course we had hypothesis testing, t-test, ANOVA all the videos in this but now they are not present. Kindly, please include all the videos again as those are very important topics to be covered.

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Dear Learner,

We have updated the content of the course with new and better content. Please complete this course with new content and get the certificate.


Some videos are missing please include all videos so it will be helpful in learning better